Statement of Intent

We aim to question copyright by creating our own artwork using a live feed or collage of tweets, images and videos found in cyberspace that are protected under the copyright act. The idea of our project is to show how easy it is to break this protection act and to how it doesn’t always work. The found materials can be displayed through projecting our piece onto a surface, e.g. a wall. Our intentions are to illustrate that all the material we upload onto the Internet as ‘producers’ and ‘consumers’ can easily be copied and credited by somebody else. To make the project more of our own we will also aim to incorporate some images, tweets and videos that we have produced ourselves. The audience will be able to participate with our project, for example tweets which will appear as part of the projection.
Henry Jenkins’ Convergence Culture, is the idea that new media and old media collide. Within our project we have the new media (Instagram, Twitter and YouTube). No matter what kind of media is involved, new or old, issues with authorship and authentication always surround it. This can be seen through our project as we are choosing to use others work to create something of our own. Participary culture, the idea that the audience is more involved, this can be seen within our project as we are going to use found materials, meaning that the public are involved within our project, however may be unaware of it.
David Jay Boulter & Richard Grusin’s Remediation, the idea that new media is a collection of old media that has been remediated to make something new. This links to our project as we are using media content already put out by others and technically ‘stealing’ it to make our own. People are constantly trying to come up with new media platform ideas, yet arguably they are still made up of old media and we are therefore forever in a state of remediation.
We intend to present the project as a projection of live feeds of images, tweets and videos. A smoke machine will be used so that it is more aesthetically pleasing and also illustrates how we have blurred the lines of copyright, by using other people’s work within our own. We would like to create an atmosphere where audiences are intrigued to understand what the image is made up of and may feel intimidated by how nowadays taking other peoples content and claiming it as your own is simple.

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