Research into mosaic applications

As we want to make a mosaic built up of found images we had a look at some applications that were already built to see if they could help us out and potentially try and see if we were able to make our own.

We have used Mosaik which is an application for Mac products and easymoza which is an online applications.


With easymoza you choose what image you would like to create a mosaic out of and then choose images from which you want your mosaic to be made out of.



Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 11.16.21

With Mosaik you are able to choose the background image and then you enter someones username on Twitter and it collects all the their follower’s profile pictures.



This is P!nk’s new album cover as a mosaic of all of her Twitter follower’s profile pictures.


This is an image that I made on easymoza.


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