Lev Manovich – Hybrid Media

Lev Manovich – Hybrid Media

‘live-action cinematography, graphics, still photography, animation, 3D computer animation, and typography—started to be combined in numerous ways.’

Manovich’s first example of hybrid media is the music video ‘Go’ by Common. The music video involves graphics. The graphics are used to create the space in which the video takes place in and helps to create the transitions between each shot. Typography is also used within the music video, to create something new and different.

I feel that this is a good example of hybrid media as it does not just combine one type of different media within the music video but two. We are now used to seeing more than one media come together within the same place, however music videos used to just show the artist singing along to their own song, it is only within the past 10 years where it is felt that music videos should involve something other than the stereotypical video with no added effects. 

‘It is a truism that we live in a “remix culture.” Today, many cultural and lifestyle arenas—music, fashion, design, art, web applications, user-created media, food—are governed by remixes, fusions, collages, or mash-ups.’

The video DVF [Through Glass], shows the designer Diane Von Furstenberg mix new media and fashion together through the help of Google Glass where you are able to video chat, get directions and emails using voice command. The video highlights what happens behind the scenes at the fashion show, and also illustrates a different way the glasses can be used. It shows a first person perspective off the surroundings.

I feel that this can be used as an example of ‘remix culture’ as fashion used to be all about the clothes we where, however this video illustrates fashion and new media coming together to create something new.



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